Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the talented and lovely First Lady of Star Trek, would have turned 80 years old.
Majel was involved with every incarnation of Star Trek since the original series, starting out playing "Number One", the female First Officer in the pilot episode. We know and love her firstly as Christine Chapel, the head nurse on the Enterprise in TOS. Poor thing, always the target of Spock's Vulcan freakouts. Don't feel bad Christine, we all feel that way about Spock. And we like your Plomeek soup.

Then there was the glamorous and tragic Lwaxana Troi on TNG and DS9. A well played, complex character; kind, lonely, brash and full of life, keeping even the most stoic guys on their toes.

And of course, the computer voice. The beloved sound of our favorite computers of the future. A voice which will always remind us of space exploration and peace and hope and adventure.
And we shan't forget her lifelong role as the devoted wife of good old Uncle Gene.

Whenever we miss her, all we have to do is watch Star Trek. Any Star Trek, because she is in it, everywhere, literally and figuratively.

Happy Birthday Majel! We hope you're hanging out in some parallel universe with Gene, having space martinis and laughing at all the illogical humans.

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  1. Nice article. Best wishes to them both.