Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nichelle Nichols!

First Officer's Log

Today, Nichelle Nichols turns 79, and we celebrate with her a life full of accomplishments, and the hope for many more to come. Nichelle has done so much that it would take forever to type it all out, but suffice it to say this woman is a true hero, and not just for Star Trek fans. She inspired a nation to imagine a world where all people were equal, at a time when equality was something that had to be fought for. Her determination and strength in the face of discrimination made her a role model that touched the lives of thousands of people over decades. Her dedication to education and space exploration, especially with NASA, helped to spread knowledge and provide opportunities in the field for those who may not have had them otherwise. She's an amazing woman, and while we love her as Uhura, we love the courageous and kind Nichelle even more.

You should give a listen to this interview of Nichelle by Neil Degrasse Tyson on his radio show "Star Talk". It touches on topics like her NASA involvement, her time on Star Trek, and her encounter with Martin Luther King, Jr! She's a charming and interesting woman, and you can really get a sense of that in this series.

An iconic Uhura photo. Gorgeous, as usual.
Nichelle discusses NASA's Space Shuttle program with students.
Apparently, Nichelle has always been very gracious and appreciative of fans. We love you, too!

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